Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cheap Dry Scalp Care - Apple Cider Vinegar

Winter months can take a toll on your hair, making it dry, itchy, and flaky. A cheap and easy alternative to buying a dandruff shampoo is to use apple cider vinegar. Just apply about a half cup to clean hair and massage into your scalp, then rinse with lukewarm water. The acid in the vinegar loosen the sebum buildup, so after using for a couple of days, flakes and itching should go away. and it's safe for colored and permed hair.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Budget Christmas Gift - Cheap MP3 Player

My youngest is asking for an MP3 player this Christmas, and I'll admit I'm a little hesitant to spend a lot of money on something that will probably get broken or lost, even if I had it to spend. So I've been looking for some kind of alternative and finally found this online.

Available at SPI Shop, these MP3 players sell for $20. They have 1 GB memory, can hold up to 250 songs, and come with earbuds and a USB adapter for charging. They even include 50 free downloads from

The players come in 8 metallic colors - deep blue, green, pink, turquoise, red, purple, silver, and gold - and support .mp3 and .wma formats. And for those looking for an even cheaper deal, the site also offers a 128 MB digital MP3 player for $9.99 that holds up to 30 songs and includes a voice recorder and FM radio. USB cable and earbuds are included. At those prices, I won't necessarily go ballistic if it's dropped or traded with a friend for a cute stuffed animal.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Swaptree - Trade video games, dvds, and more

If your kids are begging for video games for Christmas but you're afraid you can't afford it, try looking at Swaptree and see of you can trade with someone.

Once you sign up for free, list items you have and items you want. Swaptree will start looking for your wanted items among other users to set up a trade. You have to make sure to list items in both categories or you won't be able to make a trade. And all you pay is shipping and handling on the items you trade.

Be sure to look through the FAQ, it thoroughly explains every aspect of the site. And then get busy trading for Christmas or any time of the year!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Budget Christmas Gift - Pocket Buddha

It can be hard to find cheap Christmas gifts that don't scream 'I'm a cheap Christmas gift', but I found a very nice collection of little pocket Buddhas and keychains that cost about $5 each at the Borders book store in my town. There's a total of six, each with a sticker and actual Buddha quote based on the message of the particular figure.

  • Orange - Love

  • Yellow - Praise

  • Blue - Harmony

  • Gold - Happiness

  • Green - Faith

  • Pink - Peace

If you can't find them around you, there are several online sources:
Buddha Buddha Life - Directly from the main site at $4.99
China Sprout - Available here for $3.99
Dream in Plastic - This site has them at $3.95
And of course, there's always eBay

So there are ways to give loved ones a nice, meaningful gift without going over budget.

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