Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Weekly Budget Tips

Introducing.....weekly budget tips! I'm really going to try to stick to at least a post every Wednesday with some idea relating to working within a current small budget, even if only a quick and cheap recipe. And my recent hard drive crash is the inspiration for my first Wednesday Weekly.
(I know, not a very exciting name. I can't manage originality and organization at the same time)

Having back ups of your files in case of a crash is vital. You know you can use CDs, USB drives, zip drives for saving copies, and while those are all good options you're still subject to potential loss, damage, or theft. Or, in my case, apparently forgetting where you put it. I know I chose a safe place...

Another choice, or even in addition to other methods, is to back up your files online for free. Not necessarily the same thing as sharing files at places such as Photobucket and Flickr, many sites offer up to several GB worth of space specfically for backing up important stuff.

  • XDrive allows up to 5GB of online storage free with no obligations. You can also upgrade to 50GB for about $10 a month.

  • Orbitfiles offers 600MB of storage for free with access from any computer, cell phone, or PDA, and allows scehduled automated back ups as well of uploaded files.

  • MediaFire does not require a sign up and allows file uploads of up to 100MB with unlimited disk space.

Using a free file storage site to back up your files either alone or with other methods can give you some peace of mind that you'll be able to recover files lost by damaged hardware or simply not remembering where you put it yet without adding another expense.