Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Focus! The Most Important Tip for Work at Home Success

It's vital, and it can be overlooked. To be successful in making money at home, you have to be disciplined enough to stay focused. At a regular job, you have supervisors, managers, and co-workers to help keep your mind on your work. Even if you are generally unsupervised, the environment alone is usually enough. In your own home you are responsible for staying motivated.

You can see the evidence here on this blog. I had a family issue come up, and haven't posted since 7/11/07. I couldn't focus. But that excuse wouldn't be acceptable at a regular job, and it shouldn't be acceptable when working at home either. You have to work, even when you don't feel like it. And no one's going to be looking over your shoulder to remind you of that.

So before you leave the rat race behind for the joys of being your own boss, keep in mind that making money from home usually involves more time and work than a regular job. Ask yourself if you have the discipline to keep going, or if you want to create a supplemental income.