Saturday, December 8, 2007

Recycling Christmas Cards

I know, I'm doubling up on the posts. I've been flaking on the Wednesday budget tips with the holiday season so...

Anyway, the annual Christmas cards are starting to trickle in, and I'm running out of room to keep them. To be honest, I ran out of room last year, but I crammed them in anyway. So now I'm starting to think about what else could be done with them, and I've run across a number of sites with different craft ideas to recycle Christmas cards.

Different Ornament
Star Decoration
Gift Box

All of these crafts are made from Chritmas cards. A great way to keep them around without (over)stuffing them all into a box. Happy holidays!

Cheap and Easy Christmas Gift Bags

Get rid of those last bits of wrapping paper left on rolls that aren't enough to really cover any present by using them to make gift bags. All you need, aside from the wrapping paper, is glue and a package of paper lunch bags from the grocery store.

Cut pieces of the wrapping paper and glue them along the sides and bottom of the bag, keeping the paper smooth. If you have enough of one roll cover the entire bag, or piece multiple rolls of leftover wrapping paper together for an interesting collage. Allow them to dry and you have unique gift bags that are cheaper than store bought.

Let the kids do this craft for you to give them something to do and have one less thing to have to handle yourself this Christmas.