Friday, February 22, 2008

Those of you lucky enough to get a tax refund this year may be planning to use the money for a trip. European countries rich in history and unique experiences are an ideal destination any time of year. There are so many locations to choose from, and Cheaper Than can help keep you within budget so you can do more.

London is known for many famous people in history. Visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street, or the house of Sigmund Freud at Maresfield Gardens. The Charles Dickens Museum on Doughty Street is also worth a stop to step back into the Victorian era. Enjoy your time in London visiting these sites and more by saving money booking a room with Cheaper Than - London.

Love and fashion in the bustling environment of Paris. Walk the endless maze of streets to see the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, stopping at boutiques and shops along the way. Booking a room with Cheaper Than - Paris can help save some money for all the things you'll want to buy.

Explore the beautiful architecture and get your fill of history while in Berlin, with the Crown Prince's Palace and Brandenburg Gate among the the beautiful sites. The Botanical Gardens in Steglitz are also worth a visit. Use Cheaper Than - Berlin to book a room for cheap.

Barcelona is the place for a wide variety of interests all in one location. For medieval flavor explore the lanes of the Gothic quarter, then enjoy the Art Nouveau architecture at the Eixample. Indulge your appreciation of fine art at the Picasso Museum, featuring more than 3,500 works by the artist. View the entire city from a tower in the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. Stop by Cheaper Than - Barcelona to book your room and you're on your way.

A vacation in Europe is fun and exciting, with something new to experience at every turn. Plan your trip with a money and time budget to be able to see everything you want.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Following New Year Resolutions - Organizing Important Papers

Sorry for the long time in between posts. A lot of upheaval and changes pushed many things aside for awhile.

When the new year begins, most people think about their resolutions. Lose weight, get healthy, maybe even get organized. By this time, most of those are probably already forgotten. But one thing that can be done any time of the year can help with staying on top of your budget and be really useful during the tax time is organizing important documents and throwing away unnecessary things.

There are several varying ideas on how long you should keep important papers such as back statements and tax returns. Some things you obviously never throw away, like birth certificates, social security cards, military service records, and divorce papers (if applicable). Through research, I've come up with my personal plan for keeping track of other documents.

Things to keep until sold:
Vehicle titles
Service contracts and warranties
Home purchase and improvement records
Receipts for large purchases

Things to keep until updated:
Loan agreements
Credit card account numbers

Things to keep for one year:
Paycheck stubs

Things to keep for 7 years:
Credit card statements
Tax returns

I'm going to clear out a lot of things I've been hanging on to without having a good reason to do so. It should reduce my paper stack significantly.